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Reflection on what we can define.
You want to define the entity that you are, the experience that you co-create.
You want to encapsulate a perception, a belief, a prospective, your identity, your indoctrination, your programing, your needs , your values, the projection of the ideal of a collective.
A millisecond of your evolutionary process, something that belongs to the past, a photogram in your vision or what you can envision. Your place in the “cycle”. How far are you willing to zoom out, or in, from the boundaries that you perceive? Where did that idea came from?
“You”, that appeared in a womb. That you own a body, or what you embody.
“You”, that create this thought ,this emotion, this manifestation.
The decoding of this experience from a level of understanding that already transformed by experiencing what you are capable to define.
Smile, for the next step. For forgiveness, when with each experience you will understand the upgraded version of each expression. The constant mutation of what you think you are in this hologram where everything has its evolutionary process.
A creation that create its self.
Smile, and there shall be a smile. Love, and there shall be love.
There is nothing to take. Just the remains of our expressions, our participation for the quality of this moment and its ripple effects.
How far are you willing to expand your cycle?
A reflection on what we can “define”.
-Title: “Reflection”
-mixed materials, acrylic resin.
-year 2010- 2018
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  • Materials

    Acrylic Resin

  • Year

    2012- 2018