Group Therapy

“Group therapy” is a sculpture installation that is composed by five human life size figures with external elements attached to their bodies. It represents a reflection of some problematics of our modern capitalistic society.
The first figure represents a waiter who serve his head wanting to touch the issue of the food industry.
The second represents a man with a anti-gas mask who wants to touch the issue of the environmental pollution.
The third represents a person who has a television in place of his head wanting to touch the issue of the manipulation of information in the media.
The fourth has a mask on his face and holds other masks, wanting to touch the theme of the transparency.
The fifth represents a business man with a key on his back, like a mechanical clockwork toy that wants to represent the idea of the loss of humanity in the goal to have more profit.
These sculptures are made of scotch and polyester resin in the year 2007. I selected this piece as a starting point so that the viewer reflects on his own place in the society and his relationship with these problematics.

  • Title

    Group Therapy

  • Materials

    Polyester resin and scotch tape (unique)

  • Year


  • Dimensions

    180cm each figure